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At Leone Services, Inc we offer property maintenance, commercial cleaning, and real estate solutions throughout the Metro Detroit area where your families live, neighbors work, and children play. From commercial office buildings to your own home we can cut the lawn, clear the snow, clean the building, and help you close the deal whether you are the buyer or seller.

Cleaning Services


Team Cleaning & Green Cleaning! Team Cleaning is our commitment to you, our client. Unlike many janitorial companies we have a Team Clean system dedicated to your building.

  • The Cleaning Team
  • Cleaning Manager
  • Office Manager

At Leone Services all of our Management Team will always be a part of the cleaning and communication process. Our Cleaning Manager AND our Office Manager will know the building inside and out. We truly have a hands on approach to customer’s satisfaction.

Our management team will not only have done a complete walk through with you but will also be hands on in working directly with the cleaning crew in your building on a regular basis. This allows our Office Manager to be knowledgeable with the building when communicating with our clients and also allows our cleaning manager to customize the service schedule to best suit your building.

Your building is an extension of your company and its appearance is a critical concern to you, your clients, associates and employees. You need to know that your office cleaning needs will be met and any service issues will be addressed and taken seriously. You can be assured with our Team Clean System we take the communication with our clients just as serious as we do the cleaning.

Green Cleaning focuses on cleaning for health as well as minimizing the impact of janitorial service on the environment.

  • We use microfiber cloths and mops and high filtration vacuums - the most advanced solutions for healthy buildings! This equipment removes a higher percentage of dirt and bacteria, and also requires less cleaning chemical usage at your facility. Minimizing chemical usage improves indoor air quality and is healthier for your employees, clients, colleagues and the environment
  • Improved Overall Health of your Organization – Advanced cleaning techniques and equipment means dust, bacteria, mold, pollen and other allergens can be captured, contained, and removed from premises more effectively. It will improve the overall indoor air quality, minimize risk from exposure to residual cleaning chemicals and minimize cross contamination.
  • Minimized Environmental Impact – Green-certified or environmentally-friendly chemicals minimize https://pharmahub24.com/kamagra water usage and reduce packaging waste

The Team Clean and Green Clean Systems will make a difference for your business and your building. At Leone Services Inc. cleaning is a TEAM sport.

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Cleaning Services:
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Strip & Refinish Floors
  • Floor Burnishing
  • Post Construction Clean-Ups
  • Fire Damaged Properties
  • Specialty Cleaning
  • Window Washing

We are committed to offering our customers quality service at affordable prices. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.