Leone Lawn Care Services

At Leone Services, Inc we offer property maintenance, commercial cleaning, and real estate solutions throughout the Metro Detroit area where your families live, neighbors work, and children play. From commercial office buildings to your own home we can cut the lawn, clear the snow, clean the building, and help you close the deal whether you are the buyer or seller.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Leone Services Inc realizes that you work hard all week and that you deserve to have a lawn you can enjoy. With almost two decades of experience, you can depend on us to work hard for you as well. We do this by customizing our service to your requests and to cut your lawn on schedule consistently week to week. Mowing heights are adjusted based on seasonal weather conditions and mowing patterns are alternated throughout the season. Our blades are sharpened on a regular basis to keep your lawn with that clean cut look.

Weekly service includes:

  • Cutting at the right height for your lawn to keep it healthy throughout the year
  • Edge all driveways and sidewalks giving it that fresh,clean look
  • Trim around all trees and areas of the lawn where the mower cannot get to
  • Blowing all mulch clippings off all sidewalks, driveways, curbsides and outdoor living spaces after each mowing

Core Aerations

Lawn Aeration

Core Aeration

Over time, the soil in your lawn may become compacted, preventing grass from growing to its full potential. Aerating with a plug aerator opens up the lawn and allows water and nutrients to enrich the soil. Aerating breaks the soil surface by poking holes into the earth. A plug aerator removes clumps of soil (about the size of your finger) from the ground.

Whichever method you use, the benefits of aeration are numerous:

  • Oxygen, water and nutrients can now enter the soil
  • Earthworms and other beneficial organisms have room to live
  • Fertilizer can reach the grass roots
  • Healthier grass means fewer weeds



Your soil supplies some of the nutrients that your turfgrass needs but most soils are not able to provide all of them during the entire growing season. A healthy and actively-growing lawn uses a great deal of energy.

Fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy by:

  • Promoting new lawn and root growth
  • Aiding in recovery from foot traffic and pest damage
  • Reducing and controlling weeds

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring Cleanups

Fall Cleanups

Leone Services Inc understands the work that must be done in order to prepare for the changing seasons. Take the opportunity in the spring to enahnce the appearance of your home or building by investing in a thorough spring cleanup. By removing old annuals and pruning dead branches, you'll be prepared for the spring growing season with clean growing conditions and reduce the opportunity for fungus and disease to become established.

A fall cleanup will ensure your property looks its best throughout the winter months. Winter is hard of turf and plants and it is important to remove all leaves and debris from your property so disease and fungus do not develop. All leaves, sticks, paper and debris will be removed from the property. Perennials and annuals will be trimmed or removed from planting beds and mulch raked smooth. This way you can enjoy the fall colors and ensure your weekends are relaxing. Let us worry about the leaves and keeping your property maintained in a neat, professional manner!

A spring and fall cleanups include:

  • Removing all leaves, twigs, stones and trash from under beds, shrubs, sidewalks and lawn areas
  • Edging around beds, trees, sidewalks, curbs, driveways
  • Tree trimming, clearing dead foliage, and removing hanging or broken limbs

Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimmimg

Shrub Trimmimg

Leone Services Inc will trim and shape all shrubs and landscaping throughout the grounds. We will trim back all dead foliage as needed, hanging or broken limbs, or limbs that will alter the primary shape of the tree. Beautifully trimmed shrubs and landscaping add to the charm and personality of a home.

Spring shrub trimming if performed from June through July, during the annual flush of growth. Severe cutting back of shrubs is done in the early spring and spring flowering shrubs are pruned within one month after they bloom to preserve flowers for next year.

Fall shrub trimming is typically performed from September through October. Shrubs will be trimmed and topped as necessary to maintain a clean appearance. Our trimming equipment is continually sharpened and adjusted to provide plants with the best cut possible to ensure a clean and healthy cut.

Mulch Replacement

Mulch Replacement
Applying mulch is one of the best things you can do for your flower and plant beds, trees and vegetable garden. Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material that is spread out on top of the soil to protect against erosion and conserve moisture. Both organic and inorganic mulches have many benefits, although organic mulch actually enriches the soil. Mulch helps plants maintain a more even soil temperature and prevents weed growth to reduce garden maintenance. In addition, mulch gives your garden beds a neat, landscaped appearance.

  • Reduces garden maintenance
  • Enriches the soil
  • Retains moisture longer
  • Protects plant roots from extreme temperatures


We are committed to offering our customers quality service at affordable prices. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.